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Cryptocurrency Pay

Welcome to the future of digital payments with Cryptocurrency.Software – a new, open, and free-to-use payments framework built on the Stellar blockchain. Cryptocurrency Pay is designed for instant transactions, low fees, and a sustainable environmental impact.

A new, open, and free-to-use payments platform built on the Stellar blockchain

Instant transactions, low fees, and a sustainable environmental impact

No intermediaries, just you and your customer

Fast and Efficient Payments

Thousands of transactions per second

One of the most efficient payment networks in the world

Fast settlement of transactions

Low Transaction Fees and Direct Payment

Low transaction fees

Direct merchant-to-consumer payment rail

Saves you money by avoiding intermediaries and their high fees

Easy Set-Up with Cryptocurrency Pay SDK

Easy set-up with the Cryptocurrency Pay SDK

Start accepting payments in no time

Seamless integration users who hold Stellar-based stablecoins

Send Money Globally with Ease

Easy to send, receive, and request payments globally

Just a mobile number, email, or crypto address required

Instant spend notifications for purchases made at local stores or online

Touch-Free Payments

Pay in-person by simply using your phone

Quick, easy, and touch-free payments

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash and cards

Smart Solutions for Your Business

Smart solutions for online and in-person businesses

Merchant features include invoicing, product management, merchant rewards, reporting, and documentation

Start accepting payments today with an easy-to-use shareable link or a full-featured checkout on your website

Directly connects to your existing payment infrastructure

Flexible Integration Options

Connects with your existing payment hardware and software stack

Wide variety of processors, middleware providers, and cloud POS

Offers SDK and API options for custom integrations

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